Meet Plascar

Plascar (“Company”) operates in the automotive sector and its main operating activity is the manufacturing and trading of parts related to internal and external finishing of automotive vehicles. The Company holds the ? Woodstock ? technology (composition of wood flour and polypropylene) for the manufacturing of door sides and internal trunk hoods.

Its main products are bumpers, dashboards, air diffusers, cupholders, steering wheels, door sides, plastic parts painting, sun visor, internal trunk hoods, mats, window drivers, column switches,, lighting system (headlamps), handsets painting, etc.

The Company, leader in the market, supplies car manufacturers in Mercosur and exports to Mexico , Canada , USA , Australia , and Europe . It operates in the genuine auto-parts market, and replacement auto-parts market for lighting and signaling systems.

Plascar Ownership Breakdown

Plascar´s majority shareholder is Permali do Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda., a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Automotive Components Group Brazil, LLC, with headquarters in Delaware , USA . Permali´s interest in Plascar is 99.99% of the voting capital (PLAS3) and 46.10% of the total capital – Permali does not hold preferred shares (PLAS4) of Plascar.